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With the experience of working with hundreds of marathons, sportswear brands, and countless events, our portfolio includes a variety of custom-made activewear and promotional wear. However, with experience dating all the way back to 2003, we have the ability to create any feasible garment. Recently, we’ve managed to create a large number of custom hoodies and oversized t-shirts.
Along with the standard method of collaborating with OEM manufacturers, there are three additional options for collaboration that are kind of related to this one.
Prior to requesting a quote, please keep in mind that our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each design and colour is 50 pieces only

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) in Detail

As indicated throughout our website, our standard minimum order quantity is 150 pieces per design or color in any size. And it is applicable to the majority of the apparel we manufacture, for almost all of our new clients.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. To qualify for a lower MOQ, you must order frequently enough to impact our factory floor downtime. Reduced downtime is a necessary condition for lowering the MOQ. Let us examine what else is necessary for this type of collaboration.

MOQ Under 150 Pieces

You can order as few as 15 pieces per design. However, in order to warrant such a low MOQ, a few boxes must be checked.

  • Sublimation printing must be the printing technique
  • Fabric must be polyester
  • Each design should have the same pattern (the image below shows what a pattern is)
  • For short-term collaboration, the total order should be approximately 1000 pieces (regardless of design or color); for long-term collaboration, we can find an arrangement via email correspondence.

MOQ Over 150 Pieces

Additionally, this is a fact. For instance, if you order face masks from us, the minimum order quantity will increase from 150 to 500. Which is understandable, the amount of fabric used to create a face mask versus a t-shirt.

MOQ for kids wear and babywear is 250.


As you can see, the simple answer to any question about changes to our standard MOQ is “it depends.” We hope we’ve succeeded in demystifying the logic behind that most vexing response to

Give me the price quote

Are you interested in starting your own fashion brand or taking your current one to the next level?

Contact us today to learn how our team can assist you in bringing your vision and ideas to life.

*Please note that our minimum order quantity for a single design starts from 50 pieces per color.

Each order must contain at least 80 pieces.

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